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Clutch Replacement

The clutch is an important asset to manual transmission vehicles. This piece of equipment allows the car to switch gears smoothly, while letting the car receive more power without hindering the engine’s capabilities. When your transmission goes out, it could be due to a problem with the clutch. At High Speed Transmissions, we’re dedicated to providing high quality clutch repair to get your car back out on the road.

Our transmission shop will be able to take care of your problems in a flash. With many years in the auto repair industry, we’ve seen many different cars come in and out of our shop. Whether you’re in for a transmission inspection or need a quick clutch repair, your vehicle will leave our shop in pristine condition. We also provide our services to truck repairs, giving both your cars and trucks excellent auto assistance.

As a premier auto repair shop in the Stockton, CA area, we pride ourselves with customer loyalty and satisfaction. We hope you keep coming back to High Speed Transmissions for the repairs you deserve. We are the best in clutch replacement and axle replacement.